Agricultural Commodity Marketing:
Futures, Options & Insurance
On-Line Workshop
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Dr. Dillon M. Feuz
Professor & Agricultural Marketing Specialist
Utah State University
Funding provided by:
Utah State University, Cooperative Extension
USDA-Risk Management Agency
Feuz Cattle and Beef
Market Analysis
This workshop, or series of short workshops, is designed to help you as producers gain a better understanding of marketing.  As you become more familiar with the various marketing tools and alternatives, I hope you will have greater confidence in your ability to compete in the highly competitive market place.

This workshop is a work in progress for me.  Check back often and I may have added more material.  If you have questions or suggestions, please send me an email.
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Understanding Feeder Cattle Markets

Sept. 23, 2010                 35 minutes
Futures, Options & LRP to Manage Price Risk
Nov. 4, 2010                    45 minutes